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 Located on The Grand Mesa in Western Colorado, the largest flat top mountain in the world. In this arrid high desert country at an elevation of 6150 feet. 

The region has low humidity, an abundance of clear nights and little light pollution (see this light pollution map of the area) criteria needed for serious astro-photography.


about grand mesa observatory

The Roll Off Roof Style Observatory is 16' wide x 32' long with room for 6 piers, 3 of which  are already in operation with another another having equipment installed late August.  

Facilities for our clients will include 60 Meg Down and 60 Meg Up high speed internet for quick data upload via dropbox. 110volt and 12 volt power to each pier, direct access to weather and cloud station, a sky quality meter and an all sky camera. Optional Web Cams for checking your equipment. 
 An experienced technician is on site 24/7 for equipment advice, initial setup of equipment and software, troubleshooting and on site maintenance.  

We can Offer a unique Turnkey package even for those with no Astro-Photography experience by signing up with Terry Hancock's one on one Astro-Photography tutorial.     ​

Remote Astro Imaging & Hosting in Colorado